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Waist Bead Strand

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What are waistbeads?


  • The Body Farmacy waist beads can be worn to monitor weight loss, as an accessory to any ensemble or to assist in energy work.
  • Each set are hand selected. Waist beads are sold to fit up to a 50 inch waist, each are adjustable. Waist beads are made untied at the end so you can tie your desired fit/look, there is no such thing as too many waist beads, pile them on!
  • Sold individually or in a set
  • All waist beads are hand crafted
  • Shipping: Please allow seven to ten business days for shipping





Where do I measure my waist?

A: Measure above the belly button, beneath the breast

What is a set?

A: 3 individual waist beads  

My beads popped what do I do?

A: Order more, we have plenty


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